Thursday, March 1, 2012

Comforts for Baby Review

Another great product review for BzzAgent!!!

Here was all the 'swag' I received for this BzzCampaign. 2 Sippy Cups, a box of wipes, a coupon to try out the diapers.  Coupons for more products and of course my BzzGuide that gives me lots of information an the products.

Some of the information that was included my BzzGuide:

Comforts® For Baby and Comforts® For Toddler are available exclusively at the Kroger family of stores.

Comforts® Diapers and Training Pants
  • Keep your baby dry, protected and comfy no matter what your day brings
  • Available in infant and toddler sizes
  • Includes the Touch of Nature line: chlorine-free diapers with a plant based liner and outer cover for natural absorbency

 Comforts® Formula 
  • Meets nutritional guidelines set by the FDA 
  • Provides the nutrients your baby needs for their first year and beyond 
  • Can help you save up to $600 a year compared to other leading brands*

Comforts® Wipes
  •   Help keep your baby or toddler clean and fresh without irritating their sensitive skin 
  • Clean and moisturize without alcohol or other harsh chemicals

Ok, What do I think???

Spippy Cups
  • Comfort design for little hands
  • Flip over cover for transporting
                This was a great addition for a sippy Cup!! I loved this feature for 2 reasons one for Caitlyn.
  1. No more wet diaper bags from dripping cups
  2. It keeps the part of the cup that goes in little ones mouth clean
  3. Caitlyn loves playing with it.
One BIG disadvantage of these cups is the vent.  I loved these cups until we had to clean them. 
The vent is removable, which helps with cleaning hte cup but the vent has small opennings in it where milk and liquids get caught in and can not be cleaned out.  Even blowing through the vent did not rid it of liquid.  Hate to say this would bread mold and bacteria.  Need a beeter design or you will be buy lots of vents or go without them.

  • Soft
  • Nice smelling
  • same packaging as most others
  • Cheaper than others - but same as with coupons.
  • At par with other for Quality
  • May or may not buy. 
Other Comforts products I have used

I used the Puffs, squeezable fruits and nutritinal drinks.  These are cheaper than the name brands and in my opinion the same quality!

Overall I give these products a big Thumbs Up. 

Have used the products before the campaign and will continue to use!

****I received some products and coupons in exchange for my word of mouth advertising and blog post.  However, all opinions are my own and expressed after the use of the product.****