Friday, September 30, 2011


Daily Bzz...

I'm Starting Off today with my plea...

To me this is equalivent the Keurig one cup brewer for coffee-holics.

I will stand up and not so proudly say I am a Diet Coke -aholic.  I have been drinking Diet Coke for 14 plus years.  Before that it was regular Coke.  The only time I did not drink it was when I was pregnant beause of the aspartame but there was a big cold one waiting for me right after I gave birth.

I do not drink Coffee in the morning it is a Diet Coke or Iced Tea (must be sweet or Peach flavor. )

I have cases of Diet Coke at home and empty cans in probably every room.  My Kids even tell me that its not good for me but I can't stop.

Please feed my habit and send me one of these.  I want to see if what they say is true.  That this really tastes like Diet Coke.  Do you know how much money this will save?  The pop machines at work are $1.50 / 20 oz bottle.  Compared to 25 cents they are saying it would cost if you change over to this.

Please help me break free from being a slave to the (20 oz) bottle and the drug (aspartame).

I will beg borrow or steal to be able to use one of these.  If I get hooked I may need two, one for home and one for work. 

I need an intervention.  And this would do it.

Look at the flavors I would get to choose from:

My downfall:

My Morning Trade off if I don't feel like caffeine

If the pop machine is out of Diet Coke or they have Pepsi Products:

 These could become my new favorites.  They sound Delish!!

I may even let Hubby and the Kids Try it out with their fav flavors:

So how does it Work???

This contraption is basically just a carbonator.  It adds the carbonation to water.  Cool, ClubSoda for my cocktails without leaving the house!!!

You have the

Load it up with a carbon dioxide cartridge...

Fill one of the carbonating bottles with water...

Hook the bottle to the contraption, oh sorry...  SodaStream,   press the button a couple of times to shoot in the carbonation and whalla...

Sparkling Water.

Add a cup full of flavor....

and you have my fix... um, Diet Coke.

Here is a video of how its done...

And now onto...

Without actually trying it I would give it a small

I would really, really, really like to find out if this lives up to its claims.

If it does it would get a better review than this lengthly gushing blog post.

Thanks for visiting and now I need to do back to my Diet Coke...

#ImABzzAgent and not to proud to beg

****No Product was received for this blog post, but if I get sent one of these many, many more will becoming your way.****

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My new Name, Look and Rating system

Ok, I changed the name to go along with more and more product testing sites that I am signing up for.

The new Name, as  you have probaby already seen is...

I will fill you in on..

Give you my review... In My Opinion..

Then rate it by me and maybe a few other 'guests' (my household or fam)...

or even

Nuetral or Undecided.

Hope you like my system and my posts!!

More reviews coming your way soon.

Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat

Daily Bzz...

Tri Layer Technology for optimal combination of grip, durability and slip-resistance.
Grip & Durability (Top Layer): ‘Sea Grass’ surface texture is naturally grippy; the closed-cell surface keeps out moisture (sweat) from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria for better durability.
Dual Function Cushion (Bottom Layer): Thicker, open-cell bottom layer provides lightweight cushion. It can also be reversed to function as the top surface for more traction. Just flip over for a sweatier practice!
Stretch-resistant Scrim (Center): Made from biodegradable cotton and polyester blend; Binds top/bottom layer together with heating process, eliminating need for toxic glues.

Natural & Biodegradable: Made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents and non-AZO dyes.

OK, now all that out of the way, I need this.   I just got a new carpet in my living room and it is a ruffer, thick weave.  It hurts my knees when doing the cat - cow.  These help my back back now its hurting my knees.  This mat would save them.

Speaking of Cat - Cow did anyone catch Mike & Molly this week?  They were doing the Cat - Cow and the sister would go Meow then Mooo.  They told here she did not need to make the sounds but she said that is how she remembered which was which.  :)

*** No product was received in exchange for this blog post, just hopes of getting more products and services to test from various different sources.***


No product was tested so I am still


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mid Week Hop Along

Thanks to Mom Bloggers Club for showing me the way to getting more followers.

And thanks  Fabulous Finds & Musings From a Stay at Home Mom for hosting the blog hop!!

Hoping this Blogging thing takes off for me!!


Take look at the new thing Hellmann's is doing for promotions.

This week the recipes that are going Head to Head are

The favorite - Parmesan Crusted Chicken

The Challengers - Parmesan Crusted Bruschetta Chicken and Ceasar Crusted Chicken

They play a video every week of the hosts creating the challenger dishes.  Kinda cute, the recipes look easy.  Parmesan crusted chicken is definately going on the meal plan for Hubby to make next week.

The Hosts?  I was hoping for celebrity chefs but we get:

Mark Consuelos

Actor and producer, Mark Consuelos, is best known for his role on the long-running soap favorite, "All My Children."
Sissy Biggers

Sissy Biggers is a nationally-recognized television host and lifestyle expert, full of inspiring advice on a variety of topics—ranging from family cooking and entertaining to dining on a budget.
Tim Love

Fort Worth, Texas chef Tim Love is known as much for his freewheeling personality as his signature urban western cuisine.

Yea - don't know any of them, but they are perky.  Hmmm...

Anyway.. You know me with my recipe fetish I'm attracted to anything food.

****  This Blog post created to satisfy a commitment to a one2one network project to spread the word.  Posting in hppoes of winning something.  All opinons are mine.  ****

Star Wars the Complete Saga

Daily Bzzz...

This is a good one!!

    9 Discs or Star Wars Greatness!!

  • Disc One – Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace
    • Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, John Knoll, Dennis Muren and Scott Squires
    • Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Disc Two – Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones
    • Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, Pablo Helman, John Knoll and Ben Snow
    • Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Disc Three- Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith
    • Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Rick McCallum, Rob Coleman, John Knoll and Roger Guyett
    • Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Disc Four- Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope
    • Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt and Dennis Muren
    • Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Disc Five- Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
    • Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt and Dennis Muren
    • Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Disc Six- Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi
    • Audio Commentary with George Lucas, Carrie Fisher, Ben Burtt and Dennis Muren
    • Audio Commentary from Archival Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Disc Seven – NEW! Star Wars Archives: Episodes I-III
    • Including: deleted, extended and alternate scenes; prop, maquette and costume turnarounds; concept art; supplementary interviews with cast and crew; a flythrough of the Lucasfilm Archives and more
  • Disc Eight – NEW! Star Wars Archives: Episodes IV-VI
    • Including: deleted, extended and alternate scenes; prop, maquette and costume turnarounds; matte paintings and concept art; supplementary interviews with cast and crew; and more
  • Disc Nine – The Star Wars Documentaries
    • NEW! Star Warriors (2007, Color, Apx. 84 Minutes) – Some Star Wars fans want to collect action figures...these fans want to be action figures! A tribute to the 501st Legion, a global organization of Star Wars costume enthusiasts, this insightful documentary shows how the super-fan club promotes interest in the films through charity and volunteer work at fundraisers and high-profile special events around the world.
    • NEW! A Conversation with the Masters: The Empire Strikes Back 30 Years Later (2010, Color, Apx. 25 Minutes) – George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, Lawrence Kasdan and John Williams look back on the making of The Empire Strikes Back in this in-depth retrospective from Lucasfilm created to help commemorate the 30th anniversary of the movie. The masters discuss and reminisce about one of the most beloved films of all time.
    • NEW! Star Wars Spoofs (2011, Color, Apx. 91 Minutes) – The farce is strong with this one! Enjoy a hilarious collection of Star Wars spoofs and parodies that have been created over the years, including outrageous clips from Family Guy, The Simpsons, How I Met Your Mother and more — and don’t miss “Weird Al” Yankovic’s one-of-a-kind music video tribute to The Phantom Menace!
    • The Making of Star Wars (1977, Color, Apx. 49 Minutes) – Learn the incredible behind-the-scenes story of how the original Star Wars movie was brought to the big screen in this fascinating documentary hosted by C-3PO and R2-D2. Includes interviews with George Lucas and appearances by Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.
    • Empire Strikes Back: SPFX (1980, Color, Apx. 48 Minutes) – Learn the secrets of making movies in a galaxy far, far away. Hosted by Mark Hamill, this revealing documentary offers behind-the-scenes glimpses into the amazing special effects that transformed George Lucas’ vision for Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back into reality!
    • Classic Creatures: Return of the Jedi (1983, Color, Apx. 48 Minutes) – Go behind the scenes — and into the costumes — as production footage from Return of the Jedi is interspersed with vintage monster movie clips in this in-depth exploration of the painstaking techniques utilized by George Lucas to create the classic creatures and characters seen in the film. Hosted and narrated by Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams.
    • Anatomy of a Dewback (1997, Color, Apx. 26 Minutes) – See how some of the special effects in Star Wars became even more special two decades later! George Lucas explains and demonstrates how his team transformed the original dewback creatures from immovable rubber puppets (in the original 1977 release) to seemingly living, breathing creatures for the Star Wars 1997 Special Edition update.
    • Star Wars Tech (2007, Color, Apx. 46 Minutes) – Exploring the technical aspects of Star Wars vehicles, weapons and gadgetry, Star Wars Tech consults leading scientists in the fields of physics, prosthetics, lasers, engineering and astronomy to examine the plausibility of Star Wars technology based on science as we know it today.

I have seen Star Wars, Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes back (who hasn't?)  and never seen the other and would LOVE to.   I would also love to introduce my kids to the Star Wars movies.  They play Legos Star Wars on the Wii but have never seen the movies.  How bad of a mom am I? 

I need this just to pull me out of that status and turn me back into the Cool Mom. 

I cant believe that Star Wars is from 1977!!  I was 7 at that time, the same age as my oldest.  It is definately time for the kids to get to know these movies!!!

Bucket list for 2011 - have kids watch Star Wars.

***No product was received for this blog post.  Just the hopes for some swag.  ***

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scrubbling Bubble One Step

I received the Scrubbing Bubble One Step Toliet Bowl Cleaner about 10 days ago and thought I would fill everyone in a review of the product so far.

The Bzz...

This nifty new invention actually helps to keep the toilet bowl clean for you! All you have to do is start with a clean toilet, hook up the nozzle to the side of your toilet and tap a foot pedal. The Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step sprays the whole bowl with a powerful cleaner (that's right— even up under the rim!). The cleaner has enough "oomph" to tackle toilet rings, hard water marks, and lime scale!

And it is so easy even a caveman, or my child labor can do it!!

And some

Just the Facts from my BzzKit

  • Keeps your toilet bowl clean with just a couple of sprays a day (make sure you start with a clean bowl)
    • Ugly job of cleaning the toliet must be preformed first but I got that done,
  • Features a 360-degree action sprayer that covers the complete bowl
    • The little sprayer attached with an adjustable clip so it can fit onto MOST toliets,  I say most because anyone should know one size does NOT fit all.

    Added a pic from the BzzKit.  Did not think you would actually want to see a pic or video of my toliet.

  • Simply requires you to step on the foot pedal for one second
    • Two sprays a day.  Yeah, right.  My child labor thinks this is a cool thing and I have a feeling it was more like 3 or 4 times and 1 second is a little on the low side for them. 

  • Starter units come with a base, a sprayer, and one refill can
    • This did all come in the box.  If you watched the video of Austin you saw it all fall out.
  • Refill cans last up to 30 days (used according to the directions)
    • Hmmm.. mine lased 10 days.  Ran out yesterday. But see notes above, I believe it was not used according to directions.
  • Cleaner has a fresh clean scent that freshens the whole bathroom each time the device is activated
    • Yes it does leave a clean fresh scent that can be smelled in teh whole bathroom.  The main reason I knew it was being used more than twice a day.  ;)
  • Device is discreet and fits easily next to your toilet
    • You still know its there.  big white tube.  Need some contact paper or something - something to make it less noticeable
  • Find Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step at your local grocery, mass market retailers, and online at
    • Haven't gone out looking for the refills yet. Need to get one to see if I can train my child labor to follow instructions and if it actually lasts 30 days

  • Costs $9.99 for a starter unit and $3.99 for a refill
    • Again, need to go out shopping

 Now for my final questions....
Would I go out and buy this again??

Yes.  My toliet is still sparkling clean with no scrubbing.  But I need a redo to see if it does last the 30 days.  And I would gladly pay $4 a month so I that I don NOT have to scrub a toliet again.
Would I suggest to anyone else?

Yes, this is a great product that takes some of the nastiness out of this chore.

Any negatives??

Maybe that it did not last the full 30 days.  Going to re-try it and see.  If it does I will go out and buy a second one for the downstairs bathroom.
Also would be nice if the tube was refillable instead of having to throw it out and buy a new one each time.  Thinking green and maybe trying my own cleaner.

Overall Rating....

Add caption

~~~~If there are any other questions about this product that you would like me to answer please feel free to add a comment below. I also have a couple of $4 off coupons to share if you would like one.~~~

*** I received the Scrubbling Bubbles One Step Toliet Bowl cleaner for free to try in exchange for Word of Mouth advertising.  I have chose to blog about it, tweet, post a review on facebook and tell anyone who will listen what Ithink about it.***

Root Candles and more

Daily Bzz...

This one did not jump out at me right away.  Candles...not for a mom with 3 kids under 7.  Open flames and glass are a no go in my house for another 10 years. 

But then I looked at what the bzz kit was and the Root Website

First I was overcome with the need for smell-o-vision.

I was instantly drawn in by these scents.  These would smell so good in the kitchen at Christmas!

Then these...

They have many, many scents to choose from.  Even a few 'outdoors' one that would be sure to put my Hubby in the hospital.  (He has Asthma attacks to anything pine scented)

I am positive I can put the votives into my warmers so I will have no open flames.

I am intrigued to find out if these scents are along the line or BETTER than Yankee candle and Scentcy.

Then I saw these..

Aren't these SOOOO much cuter than the regular sticks in the diffusers?

I love these twisty one and the natural branch type ones shown below.

Now on to the one thing that steals the show or seals the deal.  These Tassles.  Looky they are cute, fashonable and contain replacable sachets that hold fragrance with out having a candle or plug in the wall ugly thingy that advertises ... yes I think my house needs some help in the smell good department.

This is one of the BzzKits that I am going to stand up, raise my hand and say...PICK ME...Please!!!

***No product wasreceive in exchange for THIS blog post. If I go get a bzzKit I will have many more posts on the subject.  Stay tuned.****