Monday, March 25, 2013


So I have been making these quilts.

Some of you may have been asking yourself what is up with that?

Well, here's the back ground.

My Grandma Soup (Soubliere) made quilts.  I had seen some and asked about them.  She had some tops that were not finished.  She said I could have them.  :)

When She passed away in 1999 I got a box of quilt squares that were completed.  One set made by her ( little girl) and one made by her mother (Dresden).

I wanted to do my own quilt and mess that up before I touched these blocks.

Anyway, one day I got a link to

What is a Craftsy online class?

Craftsy offers online classes about all of your favorite crafty topics – taught by amazing instructors. Craftsy classes are online, so they are available to you anytime you want for as long as you want – they have no scheduled class times, so you can enjoy them entirely on your own schedule. Each class is taught by an acclaimed instructor and consists of several hours of HD-quality video content… but Craftsy classes are much more than just video! While taking a Craftsy class, you can:
  • Ask your instructor questions, upload photos, and get personalized responses
  • Participate in discussions with your classmates
  • Access supporting class materials – including patterns and helpful tips & tricks
  • Bookmark your favorite moments in the video so that you can easily re-watch them and take notes that you can refer back to anytime

They have online Craft Classes where they have short video lessons 30 to 45 minutes and all the lessons combined into a class.  This makes things so easy. They explain everything and show you how to do it.  And they have a discussion board to type questions.  The other participants and the instructors will answer all questions you may have.

I LOVED that I could look at the videos ANYTIME I wanted.  I can watch on my computer, phone or tablet.  They show you each step and you can rewind again and again until you can get it.

I found on there a class for Quilting.  It was a Block of the Month class where every month they showed you how to make 2 blocks then how to piece the quilt together, baste, quilt and Bind.

The best part of this?   This class was FREE!  I could try it out and decide if I liked it.  I fell in love.

Well after buying fabric (the hardest thing in the project) and after buying a new machine (Hubby got tired of hearing me cuss out the crappy one I had) I finally completed a quilt of my own.

As well as the BOM for 2012 I have signed up for BOM 2013.  I have also bought classes to learn how to do free motion quilting and how to a make a mystery quilt.

The mystery is onoe where they give you "clues".  You make small parts of the quilt in each leason then combine all the pieces at the end for one great looking quilt.  Can't wait to start this one.

Here are the blocks for BOM 2012

The Free Motion Quilting on the BOM Quilt

Mystery Quilt Fabrics - all I  got so far

BOM 2013 - Only January done so far

My one and only Finished quilt.  Made for FIL while in the hospital after foot amputation.  This had all the Grandkids and pictures of all the kids.  Also added "dad' and "Grandpa" quotes.

I have also downloaded a buch of patterns from the site for quilts and for my other love Crocheting.  Waiting to see if they get some more interesting stuff on paper crafts too. 

They also have classes on crocheting, kniting, sewing, cake decorating ....

Head on over and check them out Craftsy
Another Big thumbs up!!

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