Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meal Planning

My new adventure.  One of the big challenges we have at our house is deciding what to make for dinner.  Sometimes we have little time so it seems easier to just 'get something'  This is usually very expensive and unhealthy so I am determined to change this.  I found this wonderful blog, Simple Mom, she has a great way of doing meal planning and I started using it.  I recently signed up for google+ and have been using gmail and the calender more (easy to link to my phone) and added another calender for meals.

I entered catagories for every day and linked recipes for each day.   Here's how it looks:

I have also bookmarking some of my favorite recipes all in one place:

My Recipes

I need to spend a month or two of doing this and KEEPING to it and hopefully it works.

Then next step decluttering the house.

HEY...ANYONE OUT THERE?  If you read this please comment with fave recipe to add to the list of links. 




Jessica @ SVG Attic said...

Chicken Fiesta Salad : 1 Cup Mayo , one small can chopped green chiles, 2 TBSP. Chile Powder, Dash of pepper, Olives sliced, 3.5 Cups cooked Rice, 2 Cups cooked chicken cubed.

I buy the chicken precooked in strips so I only have to heat. 20 mins for rice. Makes A LOT so enuogh for a couple nights or lunch the next day! Add avocado and lemon juice. Serve Hot or Cold. it tastes great both ways!

Jessica said...

Oh, dont drain chiles...