Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm a slacker....

Haven't been on in a while, not many people (1 person) likes me so why bother right?  If you like me follow me...please. Begging here, cuz then I get free stuff!!!!  And may even share with you!

Ok, what has happen since last time?

Birthday month has come and gone, whew maybe that is why I'm behind.  Sean Birthday, My Birthday, Austin Birthday, Big Birthday party, Family reunion for Keech's, family reunion for Soubliere's and then Labor day.  No wonder I haven't been on here much.

I will come back to fill in about all the parties but first I want to fill in on my free stuff for he month.  Since that is hte most exciting.

I got a House Party again, seriously everyone SIGN UP!!!  I got Chef Boyardee.  This one is kinda light on the swag for hte guests but hey its a reason to party.  All guests get coupons, notepad and recipe cards.  Plus some good food.  Tryoing out one of hte recipes tonight and will share kids take on Tacoronni!

Next from Bzzagent I'm gettting a Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toliet Bowl Cleaner.
Anything that makes that joy easier is welcome in my house!

And last byt certainly not least I am trying to get into the Kindle 3 campaign on Bzzagent.  More on that in next blog....just for them.

Remember you can'tget free stuff if you don't sign up!!!!!

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