Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

The newest thing in nail fashion are nail 'stickers'.  So far I have seen two brands one is Kiss Nail Dress which I was able to give a try.

I am mad right now.  I put these on when we had the 80 degree weather and even shot a video.  But the dang thing has no sound.  grrrr.  you will have to live with the site videos and maybe I can get one to work later tonight.  I need to get some polish remover and maybe even try some fance stuff with them.  Don't get too excited though I'm not promising anything.

I have to say mine was much more interesting.

Anyway that is how they go on and come off.  Easy Pleasy lemon squeezy. 

No mess, No drying time, No flumes to knock out my hubby.

I have to say that I am not a finger nail polish kinda girl but I feel naked without polish on my toes.  All summer I have bright fun polish on my toes and these are perfect.

Like I pointed out earlier that we had 80 degree weather in Michigan in March.  OMG, It is usuallu snowing here but for a week it was beautiful and the shorts and sandle came out.  So did the painted nails.  

I received a leapord type silver and black set in my Love Vox Box from Influenster.

I put the flat side to my nail and applied as directed.  Great look.  I wore then to a 5th Grade classroom I help out in and was amazed at how many girls knew about them already.  The kept asking if they were the ones you stick one.  Where have I been.  Anyway, aren't these a mothers dream, no more spilt nail polish.

Here is a pic of my toes 6 days later and still going strong. 

Htere are many different styles to choose from and different ways to wear them.

I have seen them used on one finger with others in cordinating polish and also with nails polished and cutouts used as accents on each finger.

I liked these so much for my toes that I have already bought more.  The Zebra / bling ones above and some black nail polish to try out some fun designs.

I also plan on telling my Mom about these.  She has one toe where she lost the nail years ago and one never grew back.  She always hates the look of that toe.  Now she can hide it with these strips!!!

Great for kids, great for toes and fast fun and no mess for fingers!!

Go get yours today I got mine from Influenster and also bought some at Meijer. 

Happy Summer!!!!

****I received the product above from Influenster and Kiss Nails but the opinions expressed in this blog are my own*****

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