Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sleep Number

Everyone has seen the comercials but how many of you have ever been to a sleep number store and gotten your number?

I did last night and it was a great experience!

Everyone should try it and I was pleasantly surprised that the salesperson did not have the car salesman type pressure to close a deal before you leave.  I am always afraid when I go into certain places that the pit bull sales people are on attack and looking for a sale and presure you so much you hate the experience.  Not here. 

Tom, the friendly and very informative salesperson, had me try all the beds, explained the difference and showed me some cool geeky stuff and answered all my questions.

Here is the breakdown of my visit:

The first thing you get to do is pick a pillow.  They have a wide variety of pillows from plain ol' -> simulated feather -> memory foam and their special air adjustable ones.

I picked out a contoured memory foam simular to the one I have at home.

I started out on the classic bed.

They start you out at 100 - 100% full.  Nice firm mattress.  They they take you down - down - down.  You sink into the bed.  It conforms to the shape of your body and cradles you.  Then they start taking you back up.  At a 70 it felt like I was laying on a hill but you are still sunk in a little.  They then start back down again and you stop when you feel the most comfortable.  For me it was at 45.

They have a pressure mat in this bed that shows where you have the most pressure at 70 then after taking it to 45.    Here is my individual profile:

Most of you know I like this geeky tech stuff, anyway, the before shows me at 70 there was lots of pressure on hips and back.  After we went down to 45 the bed cradled me more and reduced the pressure in these places.  This equals more comfort and better sleep.

The classic bed is just the Air bladder wraped in fabric.  So on to the next level of comfort.

The next bed I tried was the pillow top version.  This has a plush layer with a little extra support.  This bed I have sleep in before.  Some Hotels (Raddison) have beds simular to these in their king size rooms. 

Bill and I had a get away night one weekend.  We stayed at the ConCord Inn on Gratiot and they had a King Bed.  It was the worse night sleep we had every had.  The bed was way way too soft.  We complained the next day as we checked out.  They asked if we adjust the bed?  Huh?  Yeah all king suites come with a sleep number bed.  We had no idea.  Mad that we did not know.

Fast forward 6 t- 8 months.  Another kidless weekend we try the Concord again.  This time we spend almost an hour playing with the bed.  We find the perfect setting for both of us.  Mine was firmer - around a 60 - Bill softer around 40.  Best night sleep!

Lastly I got to try the new bed type they have the memory foam.  3 inched of foam / gel .  Select number has a special gel in with their foam to make it cooler.  I know that memory foam has a tendency to retain heat and this gel heaps dissipate that heat.

The only down side I had of this one was that you could not really feel a big diffence when adjusting the number.

This bed had the adjustable base on it.

Now we are in to the Cadillac of beds.  Just raising the feet a slight amount too all the pressure off my back.  Raising my head slightly will elivate my acid reflux.  Then he turned on the massagers.  OMG, I was in heaven.  Leave me be and let me sleep please!!

Ok, my final thoughts.  If price was not the option I would have a King size pillow top and adjustable base at my house right now ....   but price does come into play, sadly I did not win the 500 million last week.  So how much would the my dream bed cost you ask?


P5 - 11 inch pillow top sleep number King size bed          $2449
Flexfit adjustable base                                                    $2349

Grand Total (without taxes)                                            $4798

Ok, you can close your mouth now.      That is alot for the bed.  Is it worth it???  Give me one and I'll tell you for sure.

Remember they are the kings of sleep.  And sleep you probably will and very soundly. 

I give the bed a great big

but the price gets a big

***** I will receive a memory foam pillow from Sleep Number for visiting their store but this has in no way influenced this blog post.  All content is my own opinons and facts from their site.  ******

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