Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Private Selection Frozen Foods

Kroger is introducing a new line of their Private Selection brand.  Just a fancy word for high class Kroger brand.

They are introducing frozen foods.  Specifically pizza, appetizers and desserts.

I was sent coupons from BzzAgent to try a pizza, an appetizer and a dessert.

There were about 3 choices of each category to choose from.

  • Private Selection® Frozen Appetizers ($3 - $7) Individually handcrafted and filled with unique combinations of high-quality, savory ingredients. Hand-crafted offerings include Mediterranean Inspired Hors D'Oeuvres collection, Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets, Mushroom Walnut Profiteroles, Spanakopita.

  • Private Selection™ Frozen Pizza (Around $5) is set with oval-shaped crust that is baked in an Italian marble oven to create a thin and flaky base for authentic, high-quality ingredients. Mouth-watering offerings include BBQ Chicken, Margherita, Roasted Vegetable and Pepperoni

  • Private Selection® Frozen Desserts ($3 - $5) have rich, delicious flavors, making them a divine indulgence. Decadent treats include Blueberry Peach Panna Cotta, Northern Spy Apple Crisp, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and a wide selection of Ice Creams (like Strawberry Harvest, Vanilla Bean and SeaSalt Caramel)

  • Ok, first off I tried the Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets.  I tried one and thought they were kinda dry.  They came with about 8 in a box.  Hubby ate the rest with sour cream and salsa.  He thought they were good.  But I thought 8 was not enough for $5.

    Next I tried the pepperoni pizza.  I liked this, I enjoy the thin crunchy pizza.  They kids were less than thrilled and again it was not very big.  The box said 2 servings.  Too small for a family of 5 and not convienent for a lunch.  This is not microwave friendly.

    Lastly I tried the Belgium Chocolate Lava Cakes.  Now these were really good, microwave friendly and just the right size.   Would I buy them again?  Maybe if they were on sale.  I look at it as $1.25 / little cake and that is a little high for me.  Also at 410 calories those could cause some serious damage.

    A couple of the dessert selections only came with two servings.  The Apple Crisp looked good but there were only two.  How can you share 2 with a family of 5?

    As for taste?

    Trumpets - Blah and Dry
    Pizza - OK
    Lava Cakes - Mmmmm


    Trumpets - $5 / 8   Not a good value.
    Pizza - $5 / 2 servings  Nope
    Lava Cakes $5 / 4 cakes Ok but still a little high for me.

    What do I give them?

    Well since I would not buy again and I think a thumbs down is a little too harsh -


    ***I received coupons to try the products for free in exchange for feedback and word of mouth advertising but the opinions expressed are my own.****

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