Thursday, January 26, 2012

Soda Stream

Ok, here is a review of the best Christmas gift this year.... My Soda Stream

What is it you ask?

This is a device that uses no electricity - surprise surprise in today's technological age, and me the electrical engineer loving something that does not plug in! - that carbonizes water.

Ok, why would someone need that?  Well after you carbonize the water you add flavoring and presto - you have your own Soda Pop or flavored sparkling water! 

And the bonus is at a fraction of the cost of buying it!

This was bought for me by my loving husband.  He went to Costco and picked up the Dynamo Deluxe.   This style is only available at Costco and uses a bigger Carbon Dioxcide bottle than the ones sold at other stores.  It also comes with TWO one liter alumnium bottles and the 12 piece sampler of syrups.

It is easy to use. 

  1. Take one of the bottles filled with water (better if they have been sitting in the fridge getting cold)
  2. Screw the bottle on the machine
  3. Press the button till it buzzes (They suggest 3 times but we like 2 better, 3 is so much carbonation it makes you really bloated)
  4.  Remove bottle
  5.  Add a cap full of syrup from a syrup bottle ( or one packet of syrup from the sample pack)
  6.  Place on cap and gently combine.  ( We swish it back and forth and gently shake)
  7.  Make sure you break the seal and close the cap a couple of times to 'burp' the bottle ( otherwise if you just unscrew the cap it sprays everywhere.  Been there, Done that.)

A little bit about what else needs to go with it:

The syrups cost $4.99 - $9.99 for a bottle.  I bought them at Bed Bath and beyond and brought in a fist full of 20% coupons with me.

Each regular bottle will make 12 liters.

Each Sparkling Naturals will make 6 liters.

The carbonator I need makes 130 liters, if you recycle ( have then refill it) by UPS or at Kohls it Costs $30, Its $50 for an extra filled one to have around so you can still use it while waiting to get the one that ran out refilled.

I also bought 2 extra bottles at $10.

So how much does this come out to per bottle you ask?

Well, you know me I love math so...

Carbonator ... $30 refilled = $30 / 130 liters = 23 cents / liter
Regular bottle of syrup = $5 / 12 liters = 42 cents / liter

After the cost of the initial system = 65 cents / liter

AND you are saving the environment by not having all those bottles and cans laying about or having to be returned for you dime!

If you haven't already guessed I love it, Bill loves it and so do the kids!  The kids come running when they hear the 'buzz' and want to pick the next flavor.

These are the ones I like:

If anyone knows me I had to have this one.  It was ok, but still have my Diet Coke.

Really like this one. 

Little bit about the syrups.  Almost all of them use splenda.  Even the non-diet ones.  Reasons?
1.  For preservatives and
2.  To use sugar the bottle is twice the size for half the amount. 

The above is one of the syrups that use sugar and it is twice the price, the bottle is twice as big but it makes half as many bottles as the others.

others that are my fav's

here are Bill's Fav's

I usually make mine first thing in the morning and take to work.  So much better than $1.55 for a 20 oz Diet Coke.  And I mix up the flavors according to my mood.

The final vertict? A great big YEA

***No products or services were recieved in exchange for this review.  Everything thing contained here is my own opinion***


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