Tuesday, October 2, 2012

UnReal Candy

I am gonn have a taste test to see if these measure up to the real thing!

We've just unjunked America's favorite candy and we think it tastes better without the corn syrup, the artificial ingredients, and the partially hydrogenated oils. Not to mention less sugar. We even added more cacao, real caramel (not corn syrup dyed to look like caramel), more peanuts, protein, and fiber. All this is the product of the UNREAL™ culture. We’re building an eclectic mix of people from different walks and experiences. A Kashi guy. One from Google. An interior decorator. A P&G’er. A guitarist from Glaceau. A guy from Mars. An actual Oompa Loompa. A dog named Lola. You’d never find these people together in any other company in the world. But it works. Why? Because we’re drawn together by a common mission. To challenge what we’ve come to accept in our food and its effect on our health. To change the way junk food is made here in America and around the world.

Here's the Scoop.

These are ok, given the choice for the same price I would get M&M's.  The chocolate was ok but M&M's win.
Same as above, these just have peanuts

Hmmmmm, this one is tough.  I think these are different than snickers but good.  Hubby saidthey were more like a Baby Ruth.  So this is a tie.

I'm sorry, I am definately a Reese's girl.  I think Reese's win hands down.  However, Hubby would take these over Reese's.  He likes the real peanut butter in these.  He also goes for rhe palmer peanut butter cups for that reason over Reese's.  So since he gave it a thumbs up and me thumbs down,  I'll call this one a tie too.
Mine final vertict is if these were available I would wat them.  If I was given a choice I would take the real name brand over the Unreal with natural ingredients.
But they still get a thumbs up because they were not so nasty that I wouldn't buy them again.

*** I received coupons from BzzAgent and Unreal to try these candys.  But all opinions herein are my own and in no influenced by the free chocolate.  ;)  ****

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