Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Been Slacking

I admit it, I have not had much time to be near my home computer to upload the videos that I want I have at least 2 to do.  One for SEI, the scrapbook club I belong to, the Expo party I had and there are some from the kids that I would like to share.

I've been busy wrapping up work so I can head to Warren Tech Center next month.  one project down one to go today then a reaaly tedious one for India and I am loose to learn all about Vehicle manufaturing.

I really need to start thinking of a theme for the boys birthday.  It is coming fast and I need to order decorations and goodies.  I want to try cake pops too.  May be stretching it but we'll see.

Caitlyn goes to get tubes in her ears on Friday.  I should be able to uplad some pictures and do some reviews for SEI and Expo then.  Also need one more review for the Treseme campaign.

I'm still here, thinking of ya all, all one of you that is following me ;) 

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