Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cake Pops

Ok, these things are all the rage right now. 

Easy recipe..

Take a cake mix

Bake the cake and cool...Check

Crumble the cake into a bowl -check , Austin did a great job

Mixin a container of icing - Check

So far so good.

Make mixure into balls and place on wax paper - Again Austin was a good helper.

Now for the Epic fail moment -

Apparently I can't melt chocolate.

Two seperate attempts - candy coating discs in dish in micro

15 secs at a time, stir.  But could notget it to melt, then next thing I know it was ruined.

I gave up. Mounded more icing on top and everyone ate them but they looked disasterous.

Reason I try these things first and then just go to the store and buy premade cakes.  :(

Didn't even take a picture it was so bad.

Would be a great thing if they turned out like the picture...

But my attempt gets a great big

It couldprobably work for others but they are off my make at home list and on the buy from other source list.


Undeserving Grace said...

hey, you are not the only one that cannot melt chocolate. but I love to make cake pops and so I called my grandma for good ole wisdom and it works for me...I have never had luck with using the microwave.period. however....I use a double broiler and it's easier to control. I've never had it burn in the double broiler and it gets ghetto because I want smaller amounts of the chocolate to melt I just use two pots slightly different in size! My double broiler is huge and so I don't use it. but here's my grandma's secret...to put some paraffin wax in with your chocolate to melt and stir it together. it just takes a little bit but you see the magic start to work. I buy the brand "Gulf Wax" it's on the baking aisle at our grocery store with the sugar and cake mixes and it totally edible and works perfect!
I ruined 3 batches of cake pops before using the wax..I thought I must be only one on the planet that cannot melt chocolate.
anyways...now following ya from today's blog hop.
come by and say hello :)
{tara} from Undeserving Grace

gingerhse said...

Good try. A for effort.

Fast Food Free Mama said...

These are on my list to try and make this weekend with the kids. We love cakepops! I hope I can get the chocolate to melt...I've never tried! New follower from blog hop!!!