Monday, October 3, 2011

Chef Boyardee House Party

On Sunday September 25th I hosted a House Party where the theme was Chef Boyardee.

I was on the fence when I first got this party.  I do not like Chef Boyardee, I really dislike the taste of the sauce.  But I figured, what the heck, I'm going to give it an honest review and at least the kids will like it.

Well, since I was going to have to serve this to others I may as well try some before I subject my guests to it.  I first tried the Taco-roni.  This one sounded the most appetizing so I started with it.

I got all the ingredients together and through it together.

At first I was so surprised by how fast it was to make.  It only took 15 -20 minutes. I got the kids involved and had them through all the cans of stuff in and I had some ears of corn left over from the day before and used that in place of the frozen that the recipe called for. And I used Chili flavored tomatoes.

Other than a melt down of a very tired Sean from his first full week in all day Kindergarden.  The whole family loved it.  It was actually really really good and it put on the make again list.

 On another day I tried the Ravioli Lasagna.  I am not a fan of spinach so I left that out but followed the rest of the recipe.  Again I was surprised at how fast the food was done.  The boys loved this too but I was not a fan.

Next the big day arrives.

 I decide to stick to the Taco-roni and added the untested Chili-roni.


I had accidently bought the wrong type and mixed beeferoni with the lasanga to make the Chilironi.   This one was a big hit too.

Here are some pictures of Chef Sean and Chef Austin hard at work.

And the final product

Everyone enjoying the meal.  Disapointed in myself for not getting hardly any pictures.  Camcorder dead, camera missing so all I had was my phone that was almost dead.  What a horrible host I was for this one.

Everyone got the recipes, notepads and great food.

The next one on my list to try is Cheeseburger-roni.


Like I said before.  This House Party I was not that excited about.  I didn't think I would like it.  But I was glad that I tried it.  The Taco-roni and Chili-roni are now on the regular pick list for dinners and the Cheeseburger-roni needs to be tried.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked these recipes and it makes me hope that Chef Boyardee will come out with some more to try.

I like the mix of other healthy ingredients added to the cans of Chef Boyardee to make a great dish.  Much better than Hambuger Helper.

Chef Boyardee Recipes get a big

from me, my kids, my hubby and my guests.

Thanks House Party for turning me on to these recipes that I would not have tried otherwise.

***I was choosen by to host a Chef Boyardee Party.  House Party sent me a Party pack with coupons for Free cans of Chef Boyardee.  A Chef Boyardee Lunch cooler and coupons and notepads for the guests.  ****

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Pam said...

New follower from Get connected hop. I hosted a chef boyardee party too...wasn't too impressed with the recipes, my son didn't like them much either. I used to love beefaroni, not so much now.