Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Garland Lodge and Resort

This past week my Hubby and I traveled to Lewiston and had the pleasure of staying and playing at Garland Lodge and Resort.
My Hubby purchased a golf package from GroupGolfer.
GroupGolfer is simular to Groupon. Groupon you purchase discounded gift certificates for fod, products or services.
GroupGolfer provides deals on golf related goods and services.
Anyway, Hubby bought a package that included 36 holes with cart and balls for the driving range and one night stay at the lodge. The price was $130. Thought it was a pretty good deal.
When we got there we where met at our car by a young man that took our clubs to our cart. After checking in for our tee times we were directed to the driving range.
What a beautiful course!!! The fall colors were almost peak and the views on the course were breath taking.
The course we played was The Monarch.
We played the first day with a lovely couple, Caroline and Ray. Loved their company. On the 14th tee I was gettting tired and thought I deserved a perk. I call the frount desk and scheduled a hot stone massage for that night.
I shot kinda stinky on the front then stopped counting on the back. But enjoyed the view, company and weather. Who would have thought that it would be 80 degrees in October?
After golfing we went to check into our room. The grand entrance was awsome, all the wood!
We were thinking that for the price we paid that it would be a regular no frills, blah blah hotel room. Boy were we wrong. We were directed to the North Wing where we were given a one bedroom suite on the third floor.
It had valted cielings, four poster king size bed, fire place, sitting area and a jacuzzi tub.
It was really, really nice!! Check it out...
After a nice soak in the tub I was on to my Hot Stone Massage. I would recommend this to everyone. Once you get one you will want one every month. The masseuse, Larry, at times felt like he had thee hands. I was in heaven for 90 minutes.
Special shout out to Shuri (hope I got it right) at the front desk for all your help booking the massage.
Hubby and I then went on to the Lewiston Lodge for Dinner. Yum.
The next day (after another soak in the tub) we were off to our second 18, again on the Monarch. We played this round with a couple of guys, Matt and Mark. Had a great time with them. Got a couple of pointers and shot 60 on front and 52 on the back, Mr. Golfer shot 38 and 42.
We could not have picked a better time to take this mini vacation! Thank you Garland for such a special stay!
Now my final thoughts...
Would I go back?
Yes, Yes, Yes. Hoping for more GroupGolfer specials because my pockets are not big enoughfor the regular rate.

Would I suggest to others?

You bet. This place made me feel special. Great Course and especially recommending the Hot Stone Massage. ;)

Any Negatives?

One little one. I would have liked to play a second course.

They have four courses here. Monarch, which we palyed both days. Reflections, Fountains and finally Swampfire. We were told to steer clear of Swampfire by some friends or I would lose much more than the 10 balls I lost durning these two days.

I was told there was some kind of mix up about the leasing of the carts, therefore, only one course was open. booo!

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this couse and the lodge.

****No products or services were given in exchange for this review, all opinions are mine even though they are gushing***

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