Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ghost Hunt

SE Michigan Paranormal Society (SEMPS) is a paranormal investigation team based in Southeast Michigan.

We're an Organization that investigates all matters of unexplained phenomena in private residences, businesses, and historical sites. We provide this service for Free to those who request our assistance.

We are dedicated to investigation, research, and documentation of alleged paranormal act...ivity.

We are a strongly committed team of researchers who conduct a thorough and professional investigation by obtaining data through the use of client interviews, audio, video, photography, and other recording equipment.

We present all evidence to the client in a timely manner and assist them to better understand activity they are experiencing.

All investigations are approached in a professional manner with respect to your privacy, property, and confidentiality.

Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian Bed & Breakfast of Bay Port! 9695 Cedar St., Bay Port, Michigan 48720 We are located just off of M-25 and just S. of Caseville on 4 acres. We have 4 themed guest rooms, wraparound porch, gazebo with wooden swing, gas grill, picnic tables, child log cabin with fireplace, playground, ghosts are very active, Call today to make your Reservation 586-863-2920. We are now in 4 haunted travel books and 2 upcoming films! Lots of availability for Spring & Summer! Rooms: Peacock Room, Hawaiian Room, 3rd floor Lighthouse Suite has 2 bedrooms, full bath, living room, toys/games/tv, etc. Many events/festivals year round in the area, lighthouses, 1 minute to free state boat launch,canoe/kayak, Islands, golf courses, beaches, parks, nature/hiking trails, water trail, boating, great fishing in Bay Port & hunting as well, 1 tank trip from Metro Detroit Area/Tri Cities/Midland, the closer up North! The Inn is haunted so if you scare too easily you may NOT want to make a reservation!

CONTEST to be Guest Investigator Oct. 22, 2011 at Sweet Dreams Bed & Breakfast.
Would you like to win an opportunity to be a guest investigator with South East Michigan Paranormal Society? How to win- (1) Like the South East Michigan Paranormal Society Facebook Page (2) In 75 words or less, describe why you want to be picked to win in the COMMENTS of THIS POST ONLY. (3) Share the SEMPS Facebook page with your friends and have them like your comment entry for votes. (4) The person with the most "like" votes, wins! *Rules continued in comment area* Good Luck!

Trying to win this...

All my experiences will be documented for your enjoyment after I am done. 

Even if I cry like a baby and run from the house with my tail between my legs.

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