Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Swiffer 360 Duster

Swiffer 360° Dusters has thousands of deep-cleaning fibers that help reduce allergens*. Designed specifically to clean dirt in grooves and crevices, it traps and locks dust and allergens better than a feather duster. And a clever all-around design features 50% more fibers than regular Swiffer Dusters, allowing it to lock dust away for a high-definition clean.
*Common inanimate allergens from cat and dog dander and dust mite matter.           

When you're out of fluffy Swiffer 360° Dusters, save your handle and get a box of 6 count 360° Dusters refills

I have always loved the Swiffer products.  I have used the regular Swiffer and this one just improves on it.  It has the super gripping material 360 degrees around the ergonomic handle.  Yeah, I had to get that buzz word in there.

This is great for another reason - kids are attracted to it.  More things I can pass off to my child labor and less for me to do to keep the house clean.

The starter kit costs about $5 and last a while before you have to run to the store to get more refills.

Here is a videa review from Austin...

Went a little fancy..

And finally...

I give it a big thumbs up - anything that makes housework easier gets this rating.  And it is reasonably priced.

***The Swiffer 360 duster was provided to my by Vocal Point***

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