Friday, September 30, 2011


Daily Bzz...

I'm Starting Off today with my plea...

To me this is equalivent the Keurig one cup brewer for coffee-holics.

I will stand up and not so proudly say I am a Diet Coke -aholic.  I have been drinking Diet Coke for 14 plus years.  Before that it was regular Coke.  The only time I did not drink it was when I was pregnant beause of the aspartame but there was a big cold one waiting for me right after I gave birth.

I do not drink Coffee in the morning it is a Diet Coke or Iced Tea (must be sweet or Peach flavor. )

I have cases of Diet Coke at home and empty cans in probably every room.  My Kids even tell me that its not good for me but I can't stop.

Please feed my habit and send me one of these.  I want to see if what they say is true.  That this really tastes like Diet Coke.  Do you know how much money this will save?  The pop machines at work are $1.50 / 20 oz bottle.  Compared to 25 cents they are saying it would cost if you change over to this.

Please help me break free from being a slave to the (20 oz) bottle and the drug (aspartame).

I will beg borrow or steal to be able to use one of these.  If I get hooked I may need two, one for home and one for work. 

I need an intervention.  And this would do it.

Look at the flavors I would get to choose from:

My downfall:

My Morning Trade off if I don't feel like caffeine

If the pop machine is out of Diet Coke or they have Pepsi Products:

 These could become my new favorites.  They sound Delish!!

I may even let Hubby and the Kids Try it out with their fav flavors:

So how does it Work???

This contraption is basically just a carbonator.  It adds the carbonation to water.  Cool, ClubSoda for my cocktails without leaving the house!!!

You have the

Load it up with a carbon dioxide cartridge...

Fill one of the carbonating bottles with water...

Hook the bottle to the contraption, oh sorry...  SodaStream,   press the button a couple of times to shoot in the carbonation and whalla...

Sparkling Water.

Add a cup full of flavor....

and you have my fix... um, Diet Coke.

Here is a video of how its done...

And now onto...

Without actually trying it I would give it a small

I would really, really, really like to find out if this lives up to its claims.

If it does it would get a better review than this lengthly gushing blog post.

Thanks for visiting and now I need to do back to my Diet Coke...

#ImABzzAgent and not to proud to beg

****No Product was received for this blog post, but if I get sent one of these many, many more will becoming your way.****

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