Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Del Monte Fruit Naturals

Mmmmm, mmmm good to the last drop.  Ok, I stole that from a coffee comercial but me not being a coffee drinker it does not apply to that but it does to these...
Doesn't this look GOOOD!!!And they taste as good as they look.

I've had these numerous times and are great and last a while too.  Fresh fruit tends to go bad before we can eat it all but these have expiration dates that go out for awhile.

They are also packed in real fruit juice instead of sugary syrup.  Can we say healthy snack?  They go with everyone's lunch - kids and momma.

All kinds of flavors to choose from...

Pineapple Chunks
Peach Chunks
Cherry Mixed Fruit
Red Grapefruit
Citrus Salad
Mixed Berries
Mandarin Oranges
Tropical Medley

I especially like the berries.

These can be found in the refrigerated section of the produce department

Special surprise for everyone...

One download per computer

So everyone run out and get these for a healthy snack for the kids and yourself, with the natural fruit juice you will be finding yourself drinking the last drop!!

***This is a review for Vocalpoint, no product was received in exchange for this post. Just me sharing the info in my own opinion!!**

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