Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lawry's Seasonin Mixes and Marinades

Today's Daily Bzz....

Mmmmmm .... my favorite subject FOOD.

Here is one of my secret weapons: Marinade.

Lawry's Description:

LAWRY’S® Marinades Each of our signature marinades is made with real fruit juice—instant inspiration for meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. Simply pour it on and let marinate for 30 minutes. Then grill, bake, broil or sauté. It's that easy! Marinades also help tenderize meat.
My description:
Liquid stuff to pour on meat (beef, poultry, pork) the night before cooking.  Makes the meat taste delish!!  Also allows you to buy a cheaper cut of meat and the soaking overnight helps make it more tender.  A must for a stable in the kitchen!!  I use these, seasoning packages and or I make my own. 
Another Tried and True Helper:  Seasoning Mixes
Ones I ALWAYS have in the house:  Taco, Beef Stew and Fajita seasoning
One I would like to try:  Tuscan Style Chicken Marsala
Lawry's description: 
LAWRY’S® Seasoning Mixes Looking for mealtime inspiration? Reach for our selection of over 20 pre-blended, pre-measured seasoning mixes. Each contains the perfect combination of ingredients, so your favorite family recipes turn out terrific every time.
My description:
All the seasonings I need to make what I want with out worring if I am out of one thing or another and a package of this is easier to store than 20 bottles of spices that I only use occassionally.  Who keeps a jar of Chervil or Tomato powder around hoping to use it more than once or twice a year?

So if you haven't tried Lawry's out yet check out these products that make cooking easier and if you have a recipe obsession like me look at their site for inspiration!!!
Thanks for visiting and tomorrow more about my Chef Boyardee House Party!
My Party box is at home waiting for me to open and inspect all the swag I got!!
****  No product was received for this review but hoping.  This one is a must for a cooking experimenter.  ****
UPDATE:   I got in for the Cuisinart Smart stick Hand Blender BzzCampaign.  Yea, smoothies here I come!!

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