Friday, September 9, 2011

Blender Bottle

Daily BzzAgent Review.

Blender Bottle is the new Daily Bzz at BzzAgent.

This container is BPA Free and more than a water bottle.  This can be used as a water bottle, I would leave out the ball whisk though.  Blender bottle eliminates the need for a $50 Magic Bullet* - The blender, not the 'other' adult toy that some of you sicko's might be thinking about, I digress.. 

Anyway as seen in the vidio above you can use it to mix Nutrition Drinks - yea no lumps - salad dressing, pudding (me thinks still too thick), and my favorite pancake batter.  This would be excellent for pancakes and the pour spout makes less mess.  And you get a workout from shaking.  :)

They have 2 sizes 20 ($8.49) and 28 ($8.99) ozs and handy carry covers / handles.  The whisk ball, as I call it, is surgical stainless steal - no rust like some of my cheapy whisks that I have to toss.

Sounds great, would have to try to see if I really like.and worth the $9, really only 50 cents difference?  Why bother with the smaller one then?  All money must be tied up in the whisk ball. - if they start using whisk ball as the term for it I want royalites for marketing.  Again I ramble on...
If you have one post your thoughts!!!!!!

Thanks to the 4 people who like me for wasting 5 minutes for my chance at being a product tester!!

#imabzzagent I have not recieved any goods or services for this post, however, if they really like me they may send me one and I can give a real life, pancake tested review!!

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