Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scrubbling Bubble One Step

I received the Scrubbing Bubble One Step Toliet Bowl Cleaner about 10 days ago and thought I would fill everyone in a review of the product so far.

The Bzz...

This nifty new invention actually helps to keep the toilet bowl clean for you! All you have to do is start with a clean toilet, hook up the nozzle to the side of your toilet and tap a foot pedal. The Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step sprays the whole bowl with a powerful cleaner (that's right— even up under the rim!). The cleaner has enough "oomph" to tackle toilet rings, hard water marks, and lime scale!

And it is so easy even a caveman, or my child labor can do it!!

And some

Just the Facts from my BzzKit

  • Keeps your toilet bowl clean with just a couple of sprays a day (make sure you start with a clean bowl)
    • Ugly job of cleaning the toliet must be preformed first but I got that done,
  • Features a 360-degree action sprayer that covers the complete bowl
    • The little sprayer attached with an adjustable clip so it can fit onto MOST toliets,  I say most because anyone should know one size does NOT fit all.

    Added a pic from the BzzKit.  Did not think you would actually want to see a pic or video of my toliet.

  • Simply requires you to step on the foot pedal for one second
    • Two sprays a day.  Yeah, right.  My child labor thinks this is a cool thing and I have a feeling it was more like 3 or 4 times and 1 second is a little on the low side for them. 

  • Starter units come with a base, a sprayer, and one refill can
    • This did all come in the box.  If you watched the video of Austin you saw it all fall out.
  • Refill cans last up to 30 days (used according to the directions)
    • Hmmm.. mine lased 10 days.  Ran out yesterday. But see notes above, I believe it was not used according to directions.
  • Cleaner has a fresh clean scent that freshens the whole bathroom each time the device is activated
    • Yes it does leave a clean fresh scent that can be smelled in teh whole bathroom.  The main reason I knew it was being used more than twice a day.  ;)
  • Device is discreet and fits easily next to your toilet
    • You still know its there.  big white tube.  Need some contact paper or something - something to make it less noticeable
  • Find Scrubbing Bubbles® One Step at your local grocery, mass market retailers, and online at amazon.com
    • Haven't gone out looking for the refills yet. Need to get one to see if I can train my child labor to follow instructions and if it actually lasts 30 days

  • Costs $9.99 for a starter unit and $3.99 for a refill
    • Again, need to go out shopping

 Now for my final questions....
Would I go out and buy this again??

Yes.  My toliet is still sparkling clean with no scrubbing.  But I need a redo to see if it does last the 30 days.  And I would gladly pay $4 a month so I that I don NOT have to scrub a toliet again.
Would I suggest to anyone else?

Yes, this is a great product that takes some of the nastiness out of this chore.

Any negatives??

Maybe that it did not last the full 30 days.  Going to re-try it and see.  If it does I will go out and buy a second one for the downstairs bathroom.
Also would be nice if the tube was refillable instead of having to throw it out and buy a new one each time.  Thinking green and maybe trying my own cleaner.

Overall Rating....

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~~~~If there are any other questions about this product that you would like me to answer please feel free to add a comment below. I also have a couple of $4 off coupons to share if you would like one.~~~

*** I received the Scrubbling Bubbles One Step Toliet Bowl cleaner for free to try in exchange for Word of Mouth advertising.  I have chose to blog about it, tweet, post a review on facebook and tell anyone who will listen what Ithink about it.***

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