Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Madden NFL 12


Putting this out early cuz have training all day tomorrow so need to get the review in today and then I can tweet, tweet tomorrow.

Anyway...here it is Madden NFL 12

I would be the best wife if I got this for hubby and Austin will think I 'm the best mommy He loves sports games, I love Tiger Woods - all 12 of them and may even think of playing this with them...maybe watch them play.

I am put off with all the buttons you need to use and plays you need to know. You just run the ball down the field right?  and with me being an UofM alumni I know more about collegeball than NFL.  Screwed up that they have two different set of rules.

I digress, If I get picked for this campaign I may even get Hubby to be a guest blogger (good luck with that)  to review this game.  Well maybe tell me what he likes about the game so I can write a good review.  I may even try it to  give you two points of view.

Right now I am under the impression that it takes a lot of set up before you can even start playing and when you do play the plays to choose from and buttons to push can be confusing.  Prove me wrong, sned me the game and I'll try it.  At least it will be cool to set up my playeers with my kids names and have themplay for the Lions and wish the will someday make enough money to put their momma in a large house on the water with a yacht and corvette. Momma can dreamright?

Take a look at the graphics, theyeven use this to simulat plays during the real games.

***I have not received anything for this preliminary review. However, I will be the hero to my 7 year old and get kudos from Hubby if I get this game. ***

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