Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dream Lights and Pinterest

The Daily Bzz...

Dreamlights, fireflies in a jar!

This looks like a frosted jar with LED's in it.  Would be even cooler if the lights changed color.  I bet I could make a better one for cheaper, just saying.  This really doesn't excite me.

If it floats your boat here it is on Amazon,

Its $23 + $8 shipping....  :-o  totally not worth the money in my opinion!

Now this you can make with a old jar that is laying around and 1 or 2 $1 glow sticks.

Glow stick contents in a jar.

This is a cool idea, I could use these in jack o laterns.

Found this while surfing Pinterest.

This post will lead into my newest obsession...  It is a site that is basically lets you bookmark pictures.  I LOVE it.  I can be on this site for HOURS looking at new ideas and such.  You can organize in different boards and 'pin' any picture you find on the internet.

Some of my boards consist of a Honey Do list, Scrapbook Sketches, Scrapbook Page Kits, Food, Lunch Ideas for the Kids, Ideas for Parties, Kid Projects, Funny Posters.

If you haven't made it to this site check it out.  If you need an invite to get in give me a shout, I'll be more than happy to add ya.

Yesterday I got some big box mail.  Got some clogs for me and John Deer cowboy boots for Sean from Zulily. 
 Another opsession I have. 

Today I should have a jackpot day of big box mail.  Waiting on my neew SEI Card Kit, another Zulily Shipment, Scrubbing bubbles Toliet cleaner and possibly my House Party Party pack.

When I get these I will make up vedios of my stuff and keep my 4 followers informed.  Come on me.

****No products were received for this product review.  #ImABzzAgent and belong to ****

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