Friday, September 16, 2011

Bucky Balls

Daily Bzz...

This looks like a toy I can become addicted to.  Only thing is I got to keep them away from the computer, my phone and jumpdrives.

Wouldn't they look cute along side the two headed duck??

They also have bucky cubes: 

And looky PINK!!!   I so need these!

216 little magnetic pink balls in a little storage cube.  Just right to fit on my desk and let me fiddle with while I'm trying to figure out a program that is stumping be.  Like right now where this XML and source code is making me pull my hair out.  Need these to save my hair!!

OMG just looked at the price.  $39.99.  :- O Hmmmmm  may not want them that much.  :(

These little things come in Silver, Gold, Black and PINK!  Balls and Cubes.


****  I have not received any products in exchange for this review.  I would like to try these to see if they are worth the $40.  And if they sit on my desk the other geeky engineers around me may want their own.  ;)****

Ok, next order of business....since there is no daily bzz for the weekend you will be in for a treat.  I hit the big box mail jackpot yesterday. 

HouseParty Party box will be coming to you on video from Chef Sean. 
The BzzAgent product I got - Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toliet Cleaner box opening will be presented by Austin.
My latest SEI Card Kit will be unvieled by all three kiddos.  I may even squeeze in the box of party supplies I got for Caitlyn's Birthday. 

Hope you are enjoying the daily Bzz, please comment if you like, have thoughts on the products or if you went out and bought something I bzzed about.   Thanks for you time, all 4 of you!   I am begging for more friends.  Please follow me buy hitting the button at the top of the page,  The more people who like me the more stuff I get.  And I get to share also.  Some products come with GREAT coupons, The House Parties allow me to invite people over and give out the stuff they send ( and I ussually add to the goodie bags)

Till tomorrow, have a great weekend......

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