Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Root Candles and more

Daily Bzz...

This one did not jump out at me right away.  Candles...not for a mom with 3 kids under 7.  Open flames and glass are a no go in my house for another 10 years. 

But then I looked at what the bzz kit was and the Root Website

First I was overcome with the need for smell-o-vision.

I was instantly drawn in by these scents.  These would smell so good in the kitchen at Christmas!

Then these...

They have many, many scents to choose from.  Even a few 'outdoors' one that would be sure to put my Hubby in the hospital.  (He has Asthma attacks to anything pine scented)

I am positive I can put the votives into my warmers so I will have no open flames.

I am intrigued to find out if these scents are along the line or BETTER than Yankee candle and Scentcy.

Then I saw these..

Aren't these SOOOO much cuter than the regular sticks in the diffusers?

I love these twisty one and the natural branch type ones shown below.

Now on to the one thing that steals the show or seals the deal.  These Tassles.  Looky they are cute, fashonable and contain replacable sachets that hold fragrance with out having a candle or plug in the wall ugly thingy that advertises ... yes I think my house needs some help in the smell good department.

This is one of the BzzKits that I am going to stand up, raise my hand and say...PICK ME...Please!!!

***No product wasreceive in exchange for THIS blog post. If I go get a bzzKit I will have many more posts on the subject.  Stay tuned.****

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