Friday, September 16, 2011

Chef Boyardee House Party.

First I'll start off telling you about House Party.

This is a site that signs up hosts all across the US to have parties at thier house on a certain day to introduce the host's friends to a new product, service or new way to use a known product.

Some of the House Party's that I have hosted:

The Expo Party I had at a park near my house.  It lots of fun.  The 'swag' for the kids that attended where personal dry erase board ( can be seen in the first day of school photos).  They also got 2 packages of Expo Washable Dry Erase Markers and Erasers.  I threw in some tatoos and suckers.

I had the Sabra Party at work.  We made Middle eastern food and had it along with the hummus and pita chips.  Made or a great lunch party complete with music, couponsand some mints I thrtew in to go with the garlic.  Fun way to try all the flavors of hummus they have, and my girls love the break.

Boboli was especially fun.  Had hubbies fam over and I toasted the crust on the grill, everyone threw on their topping then back to the grill to melt the cheese.  MMMmmmmmm... didn't I say before that foodwas my favorite subject?  This party had some good swag.  reusable grocery bags, coupons recipes and I added pizza tin, oven mit and pizza cutter.  Can't forget the smores pizza for dessert and the extra one I made for my scrapping girls!

Last but not least I had a Hasbro game night, ready a lunch date.  The girls and I planned to bring a  pot lunch and I showed everyone the new trival pursuit game, taboo and had a great time playing catch phrase and eating triscuit they sent.  Fun fun fun for every party.

Recenty I was selected to host the Chef Boyardee House Party.  I apply to about 3 - 4 parties a month and they have about 1000 slots for about 20,000 applications.  I feel Like I hit the lottery everytime I get choosen to host, Kinda I am. 

This Party is introducing people to new ways of using Chef Boyardee instead of just heating up the contents of the can.

Here is what I got for the Party, presented to you by Chef Sean:

Some recipes, that can be found here.

So far we have made the Ravioli Lasanga

And Taco-roni

If you think House Party is for you head over there to sign up and remember to invite you to your parties!!

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