Friday, September 23, 2011


Daily Bzz...


Here is a short How To Play Video

This looks like fun for the whole family.  It may be a little advanced for the boys but I know what I'm getting the In-Laws for Christmas.  They like to play a word game on dueling electronic handhelds and this looks like it will be more fun.

And it is portable so it can be scooped up when done and put away.

The company that makes Bananagrams is named the same as its product and they also came out with a couple of other games that may be more up to speed for Austin and this one may a'peel - hehe pun intended - to Sean.

Pairs in Pears

Pairs in Pears adds patterns to the word play.  Kinda looks like fun

This is one more game - Appletters, that is also a word builder game.

All these games look like they are fun ways to get kids to learn words and teach spelling. 

Since I have a logical brain and like - ok, I'm the total geek, LOVE - numbers, I really REALLY need to introduce word games to my house.  Math comes easily but I need to get in touch with my English side to be able to a more rounded homework helper for my kids and not head to the spell checker or call 'Honey Help" all the time ;)

This may turn into fun where the kids are correcting my spelling for me.

Anyway...Check out the company's website and here is a link on Amazon to buy them.

*** I did not receive compensation for this review but because of doing this I have been getting picked for more and more campaigns.  ****

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