Monday, September 26, 2011

Lunch Bots

Daily Bzzz.....

 One of those funky boxes that can be used to make bento lunches!!!!

What are these?  Well, at Lunchbot it says:

LunchBots are a healthy alternative to plastic containers for packing lunch to go. Made from the highest quality 18/8 stainless steel, LunchBots do not leach chemicals like plastic does. Eco-friendly and reusable means saving money and the environment.

Making Bento type luches is all the rave right now. 
What are Bento? 
Wikipedia claims:
Bento (弁当 bentō?)[1] is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container.
I think it is just fancy ways of dressing up lunch so your kid does not get tired of the same thing day in and day out.  Heck, who wants a sandwich everyday - and the kids can not take advantage of other meals like us adults because they don't have microwave like most of us do at work.
Here are some examble of Bento lunches using the Lunch Bot.

Many different containers can be used but this is for the people that want to shy away from plactics.

After seeing the above this is what my kids lunches will look like:

I'l cut the sanwich - I have a couple of shaple cutters and they get veggies and fruit everytime but that is the extent of my creativity.

If you want more ideas check out my friends Blog:

 My only reserve on these boxes is how they would hold up with my kids.  To me plastic would hold up better with 2 overactive boys.  If these are thrown around and steped on do they dent and become unusable like metal lunch boxes?

****No product was received in exchange for this blog post, however, it is like an entry into a givaway for a chance at getting one to try,****


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